HMInnovations: How to Make a Coil Gun

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Uploaded on December 29, 2009 by HM-Innovations

Welcome to HMInnovations -(Home Made Innovations)- where we will teach you simple tricks, hacks, and mods on everything, from simple home projects, debunking online myths, technology mods and many more!

In this video we will show how to build a Coil Gun, Now this is only a simple how to video for how to make a simple coil gun out of a disposable camera. This way you get the gist of how the gun works. If you want to get more power from your gun you will need to make a thicker coil as compact as possible and make sure that the coil stays on its layer, you dont want the top layer under lap with the bottom layer . You will also need a stronger Alternator and Inverter and Stronger Capacitors, you can buy everything you need at your local Radio Shack store. The higher the voltage, the stronger your coil will work.

Remember since you are playing with electricity is always good to have company while you are making this gun just in case you get shocked or hurt.

Be safe and have fun.

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