NoNe - Reason (promo Video)


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NoNe in few points:
- band created in 1999
- three albums: No One(2000),Procreation(2001), Black Star(2003)
- "Debut Of The Year" - Metal Hammer Poland
- "Hope Of The Year 2001" - Tylko Rock Magazine
- NONE suported three concerts with Machine Head and one with
- Black Star album - Record Of The Week in VIVA Rock
- video Get Into My Mind - 30 weeks on Hell's Kitchen VIVA list
(VIVA Poland Music TV), three times NONE came in first place!!!
- 9th place as "Band Of The Year" and 10th place as "Song Of The
Year" (Black Star song) in European Metal Hammer 2/2005

.: PL :.

Klip-spot reklamowy kapeli NoNe ( Materiał ten powstał z materiałów zarejestrowanych podczas koncertu Nona w CK Zamek w Poznaniu z okazji koncertu Acid Drinkers - "10 lat po Infernal Connection". None supportował Acids, a koncert odbył się 01.04.2006 roku

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