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Uploaded on December 24, 2009 by KrisSenroh

Niggaz, niggaz, niggaz, fuccin negroz; so loud, jealous, hateful, and negative. "You's a ignorant mo' fo' b----,"
yes that's how these niggaz get; walkin round wit ya headz hangin down but get around ya paat'naz and swear that you the shit-
well i disagree with ya non-confidence.
Everytime I see
you all that comes outta ya mouf is bull hits from the streets and it seems to me that you have no true story to tell.
livin' life and goin throught unecessary hell, for what?
"Nigga" i know ya mama, daddy, sister, cousin, best-friend on ya grand-mamas side taught you better than that,
even a teacher or two told you to stick ya head into the bible and some educational books
and if no one has and you're still stuck in the times we livin in then WAKE UP!
I mean come on now if we're gonna eat we've gotta think...without knowledge who reallholds the power over our heads ?
But what am I sayin'? Niggaz don't think like that -
ya'll just wanna sag ya pants, hang low and see which girl has the fattest booty and widest hips; but not a loose goose cuz that's a lil' fast right nigga?
O.G.s' why are we still makin it seem like it's okay for our little onez to hustle at night just ta get another dolla the wrong way;
they're out there gettin shot up, bangin', fightin', loosin' another life? We killin somebodies mama out there.
WE ARE THE ONE'S messin up the homes of unknown Doctors, Lawyers, Archeologist and Gog only knows what else;
only because we don't want to open up our eyes and realize that we have become our own destruction.
Females are just as ignorant mistreatin' our bodies like it's mildewed food, when it's the temple of all kingdoms, t
he safest place a man can be even it's his last moments...
sistas should stand tall and be proud of every curve you've got but you're a nigga for thinkin that you're just not that beaytiful.
Marcus Garvey told me that "Black IS Beautiful!" so let's walk wit confidence, backs tall and heads straight;
determination in our eyes. let us talk with the sense of intelligence. showing who we are can actually turn out to be convinced brilliant beings.
there's so much more to say and get in life other than mis-treatment from judgemental, non-encouraging people and elements....
To me bein a nigga isn't a race, it's a state of mind...
don't take it up where it doesn't belong because i've still got a nigga livin' some where in me.

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