Jessica Simpson Puts a Burning Candle in Her Ear

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Uploaded on December 24, 2009 by perkerian

POP singer turned actress Jessica Simpson has posted a video of herself holding a burning candle in her ear.

Simpson screams and laughs as she holds the burning candle.

She was trying for the first time an unconventional alternative medicine practice given to her by best friend, celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves, who documented the humorous experience.

"Who gives this kind of candle for a Christmas gift?" Simpson tweeted.

In the clip, Simpson is sitting with her head placed on a table and holds onto a lit candle, outfitted with a makeshift wax catcher made from a pizza box, that has been placed in her ear.

Ear candling has been said to help improve a person's general health by lighting one end of a special hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal.

Despite claims the practice is ineffective, those who use the candles believe it can absorb excess wax and remove impurities and other toxins from the ear.

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