Enlyten Review Why Are So Many So Up On This MLM?

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*******InternetSponsoringNow**** Enlyten Business Secrets - Is This Whole Things Just A MLM Big Scam? by K...
*******InternetSponsoringNow**** Enlyten Business Secrets - Is This Whole Things Just A MLM Big Scam? by Kurt Henninger If you've been in the MLM industry for more than a day, you've heard all the buzz about the Enlyten business that has been going around recently. But what is really the deal behind it and is the whole opportunity legitimate or is it a scam? First, the enlyten business was founded by Lynn Mitchell, and most notably has a celebrity endorser in Shaquile O'Neil. But what about the products that the Enlyten business markets? They actually have a very unique product line, offering everything in disolvable strip form. They promote everything from energy, antioxidant, melatonin, and calorie burner strips. The patented technology they use is referred to as R.A.S.E.R., as in rapid acting, side effect reducing. Now, lets focus on the Enlyten business itself. When you research it on their website, its clearly pretty short on specifics on the compensation plan, but it looks like you can become a business builder by joining with a package ranging from $49.95 to $644.95. With that, you can garner a price discount on sales ranging from 25% to 59%. In addition, there are several bonuses that they promote, to include: first order weekly bonuses, check matching bonuses and a monthly leadership bonus. Overall, it does look like a fairly decent MLM payout plan. So is the Enlyten business a scam or is it the real deal? It looks like a very innovative product, coupled with a high profile celebrity endorsement, and a good compensation plan. But, anyones ultimate success with the enlyten business has absolutely nothing to do with the great products or great compensation plan, but everything with how you market it. Focusing on the benefits of the product, and specifically looking for people who are looking for some kind of problem the product or opportunity will solve is the quickest path to success. As an enlyten business builder, it is essential for you to learn how to market yourself online in this day and age. If you'd like to learn more about growing your business simply read below and click on the link for more information.