MOR Vacations VS Global Resorts: The Numbers Don’t Lie!

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Uploaded on December 28, 2009 by wscoaching Will Schwartz (503) 841-5439

MOR Vacations, MOR Vacations business and Global Resorts Network. Is there a MOR Vacations scam?

The best online travel business? In this MOR Vacations review, online business mentor Will Schwartz takes a comprehensive look at the MOR Vacations business opportunity. The cost to join. The value of the product. A major flaw in the MOR Vacations compensation plan. And your real chances for success with a MOR Vacations business in 2010 and beyond.

MOR Vacations leaders spend a lot of time and effort comparing MOR Vacations to Global Resorts. And while the 2 products are almost identical, Global resorts network has a compensation plan that literally dwarfs MOR Vacations.

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