Private Reflections

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Uploaded on January 03, 2010 by cjinspector

There is no hidden messages here, whatever sensible manner you wish to interpret this video is okay with me. As a notation the title of the video is the same of the music produced by composer, Kevin MacLeod.
Another thing was that it was bone-cracking, windy cold weather for me filming this video outside on the deck of a ferry approaching its dock of destination.After seeing the footage I thought it would be interesting to have it as one of my last videos of 2009.
That would be in a sense of coming from one destination and heading to another where major decisions and circumstances are to be confronted. This video was re-posted here after a few corrections.

Bridgeport, Connecticut, Kevin MacLeod, Ferry, Docking, Reflections, Meditation, Private Reflections, Travel & Outdoors, Music & Dance
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