How to Build a Magnetic Electric Generator

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'''►► http://Magnet4Power.Net - ''' How to build a Magnetic Electric Generator - Generally, the magnetic e...
'''►► http://Magnet4Power.Net - ''' How to build a Magnetic Electric Generator - Generally, the magnetic electric generator would employ the technique of moving magnetic field through the conductor generating electricity. Thus, by moving a natural magnet through a wire coil the generator would create enormous amounts of electrical energy and the best example for this is home made generators. The following steps are involved in building a home made magnetic electric generator. 1: Firstly, get a disposable pen that has a straight shaft. Then, remove its tip, end cap and ink cartridge. Discard ink cartridge while retaining its end cap and tip. 2: Measure the inner diameter of pen using a ruler or diameter of hollow space in pen. 3: Get one of the rod magnets, which is slightly thinner than ithenside diameter of pen. Place the magnet inside the shaft of the pen, then put back the tip and end cap on it. Shake the pen thoroughly for a few times and you will be able to hear the movement of the magnet moving back and forth. 4: Add a drop of gum or glue onto the tip and the end cap, so that it holds the pen together. 5: Wrap magnetic wire around one end of the pen shaft leaving about four inches free from the wire. Continue to coil the wire over the pen all the way towards the other end. Tape the wrapped coil and cut the spool of wires loose, ensure to leave another four inches of space free on its other side too. 6: Scrape both end of magnetic wire by using knife to peel off the coating. Twist an end of wire around ends of small electric build such as they are linked. Tape the bulb to one side of pen. 7: Shake the magnetic generator; as a result the bulb would flicker rapidly by getting on and off. It is best advised for each individual to go for alternate sources of electrical energy like magnetic generators, which generate free electricity for longer time periods and involves fewer cost for set-up.