The Garry Hypoallergenic Vacuum Cleaner Episode 13


Uploaded on January 08, 2010 by garryvac The Garry™ vacuum is made with built-in hypo-allergenic cleaning technology. The inner bag (the bag that captures the dirt) consists of 3 layers: the innermost and outermost layers are made of air-permeable paper material to allow for a high volume of air to penetrate, and the middle layer is made of a high-performance fiber material similar to the material used for HEPA air filters to filter dust and allergens out of the air.

You will receive one Garry™ vacuum bag with your order. But remember, Garry™ comes with free vacuum bags for life! (Just pay shipping and processing.) You can order additional free bags any time. To obtain Garry™ hypo-allergenic bags, simply call our customer service center toll-free at 888-544-3729 or visit our website at

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