Is SwagBucks a Scam !?!?!? Earn Money Online.

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*******www.swagbucks****/refer/KaboomCash Swagbucks is basiacally a site where you get paid to search in g...
*******www.swagbucks****/refer/KaboomCash Swagbucks is basiacally a site where you get paid to search in google or other toolbars, by installing their add-on first. Kinda worth it =P I mean, free Xboc 360, PS3, and others. Note: No credit card or phone numbers required. 1. Firstly, go to *******www.swagbucks****/refer/KaboomCash and register an account there, then you automatically get 3 swagbucks free from Swagbucks! 2. Click on tool bars, then install whichever one, depending on which browser you're using. Internet Explorer\Mozilla Firefox. After that, beside your toolbar there will be an arrow. Click on it, and set your new add-on toolbar as default. (All search results will still be provided by Google and Ask) 3. Search! Everytime you search, if you get lucky, you get swagbucks! (5-15 daily depending on your luck =P). Or, you can also refer someone and you earn what they earn, and they earn what you earn! So, right now, I'm referring you =) So you earn what I earn, and I earn what you earn hehe =) 4. Redeem! You can redeem anything in Swagbucks, by using 1 Swagbuck, or thousands =) (Xbox 360's, PSP's, GPS devices, and a LOT more!) Please note: The prizes are not only limited to the 3 countries. Just convert them to 5$ amazon and you can have stuff from Amazon shipped to your place =) ( They ship worldwide) Tips: Try not to spam searches, you're almost assured you won't get anything then, just search normally Another tip:: Go to their website to figure out SwagCodes, the give clues you just gotta figure what it is then type it, and you get free Swagbucks! Rate me =)