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Uploaded on January 11, 2010 by seocc

So we are going to take Now on this blog page the reason that it’s relevant to the search engines is that all blog information will have Date and Time assignment. Now when a search engines identifies a blog on a website it points to it as a relevant area to come for updated information that has a date and time assigned to itself. Now when you are looking at a blog you can also place content on the blog that’s relevant to information on your website itself or websites offsite. Either way you’ll want to take your blog and do content optimization and internal linking. For example- If I have a blog which speaks to and I published an article in particular about “Type 1 Diabetes” I am going to actually want to take my keyword here “Type 1 Diabetes” and assign it to a page particular to this topic that you have here. Now, you have time stamped content that points right back into your website about the topic “Type 1 Diabetes” which brings relevant information that is updated, to the search engine index.

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