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Uploaded on January 11, 2010 by Isabel Edward

Getting more hits is important for my blog. I know, because before I started writing my blog, I didn’t know how influential the blogosphere can be. This being said—I’m constantly finding new ways to attract new visitors to my blog. This is how I found out about GMore! GMore has enabled me to place my blog at the top of relevant search results in Google and attract users who otherwise might have found it. What’s even better is that GMore works in conjunction with my adsense for search account. Now, I can also place my adsense for search ads in places that I otherwise couldn’t—I’m earning TWICE the money I did before. Fantastic.

GMore increases the visibility and relevance of my blog in a Google search. It also works directly with my adsense for search account. After just a few weeks, my traffic has increased fivefold and I am earning more money than ever before.

I highly recommend you try this for your website or blog. It’s easy to use and requires very little time and no maintenance. If you want to add GMore to your website or blog, check it out

Or go on and use my version of GMore

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