Orgone Blasters CLOUDBUSTER PART 2

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All Photos in this video taken on 1/10/2010:******************* Don't mind the pit bull mind yourself. It'...
All Photos in this video taken on 1/10/2010:******************* Don't mind the pit bull mind yourself. It's 10 o'clock at nite, and he's just barking at some evil aliens in the backyard. Don't worry, I have Orgone, you don't. You might want to get some. (I got my Orgone instructions from the Sherry Shriner Orgoneblasters website, and she claims her Orgone "burns all fallen angels and any terrestrial angels" - which include in her words "every and all non human life forms") After seeing what it does to the sky for 3 months consistantly, you might want to start to wonder - you be the judge. These pictures were all taken today, 1/10/2010....................... "Orgone will transform the atmosphere above you, it will purify the clouds, the soil, the water, the electric smog, it will help rid you of all pests human, angelic and insect, help plants grow, and cause humans to become calm and collected." That's what I heard, so I tried making some. It appears to be working. It is a natural occurance, you can see it as a blue glow on the surface of the planet from space. Sherry claims "if the orgone is in an especially dead area, it will cause it to vent, or volcanoe" I have to say, I have been observing this phenomena, in L.A. I observed a tidal wave shaped Sylph that was hundreds of square miles in size above the ocean with only a dozen little Orgone cupcakes on my person at Manhatten Beach Pier. These monster sylphs are said to have come here from Saturn which normally I would have thought it ridiculous nonsense but I saw it and the sky is constantly different above me wherever I drive. I made 12 of the little cupcake sized "Orgoneblasters" from Sherry Shriner's recipe and based on my overwhelming and consistant success with that, I decided to make a 36 pound "Monster Pipe Blaster" using also Sherries recipe. That's when the rainbows really started to kick in as you will see in part 3 and 4, I already had plenty of "Sylph" activity just using the little cupcake sized "blasters". A Sylph is observed as a cloud formation and you can see it plowing through the clouds in these photos, you can see it cleaning, dissolving chemtrails. Sometimes you will also observe rainbows among the Sylphs. If you would like to make one of these cloudbusters, go to Sherry Shriner's "Orgoneblasters" website where you can either get the recipe or buy orgone. I seem (seem?) to have a talent for making it and I'll be especially willing to make some especially if your in Southern Caifornia - email me - we need more of it down here - and if you'd like proof, just drive out to Perris and see for yourself, usually about mid day - the sky is a deeper blue color, and there are Sylphs almost everyday, or there will be a big hole in the sky like the eye of a hurricane the sky will just be more alive then in the surroundings. Email southerncalifornianverizon**** and I will send the original quality pics. of this video.