Orgone Blaster EFFECTS PART 6

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HOW TO CLEAN THE SKY, THE CHEMTRAILS, THE WATER, AND BRING GOOD WEATHER TO YOUR AREA while you eliminate human, angelic, and even insect pests. Orgone works into other dimensions. The copper pipe in this picture is an ORGONE device. It has an effect on the atmosphere, on the clouds, in addition to many other benefits for people, on plants, even into other dimensions. On this day, there was a large hole in the atmosphere about 10 miles across like the eye of a hurricane with a crisp clean atmosphere and deep blue sky. Just above the Pipe Blaster there was one cloud, a Sylph formation with 2 rainbows in it. The man in the picture pointing was a salesman, he asked me "what's that copper pipe in the bucket with those pucks around it?" I told him Orgone and it effects the atmosphere, and that I saw some 3 dozen rainbows in the sky in one weeks time because of it. He laughed till I showed him the pictures on the computer, he said they were photo shopped, so I took him out in the back yard and sure enough, there was a rainbow colored Sylph in the sky, that's him pointing to it in astonishment. Well, I spent the rest of the afternoon writing directions for him on how to make a "Monster Pipe Blaster" for his home in Lake Elsinore. See Orgoneblasters**** website for instructions. The owner of this website claims you should use only her recipe "Many of the cloudbusters and Orgone pucks are ineffective or even evil, or negative orgone as opposed to positive". If you are not getting effects like I am, you may want to try and make one of these to add to your collection - just follow Sherries instructions. I got extremely beneficial results with just a dozen or so Orgoneblasters and mostly I noticed the difference on the atmosphere, same as the Bucket Blaster, maybe not as many rainbows. Rainbows are said to be a by product of Sylphs, I have confirmed this but sometimes the sky is just blue and there will be a rainbow, usually above the Pipe Blaster, and only after the Sylphs have departed or are just arriving. I've never seen evidence of the effects of Orgone on the internet quite like I am getting with my Pipe Blaster, why I'm loading these videos. Sherry (Orgoneblasters) recommends a 1 gallon bucket, I used a 3 gallon bucket with 8 pounds of crystals. I wrapped each crystal clockwise from the ground up with copper wire before dropping them in the bucket with resin, one layer at a time. I used a pinky thick strand of copper wire in the bucket wrapping up from the earth clockwise about it's periphery as Sherry says more copper in with the aluminum is OK so I also placed pennies on the top of each layer of aluminum shavings and crystal, about 4 layers. The pennies must be pre 1983 or they will not be copper and you don't want to use the newer zinc pennies. I keep the wind on the coil of each crystal as loose as possible, Sherry says a looser wind is stronger Orgone as is more crystal. I dropped a gold diamond ring and a silver necklace into the resin at the top of the pipe, I recall Sherry mentioning noble metals are OK if you have them. I have never heard of anyone using diamonds in Orgone, but I did that too. The copper pipe is loaded with layers of aluminum shavings, generous amounts of clear glassy quartz crystals wrapped clockwise with copper wire, more shavings/resin and so on until the resin ends at about 10 inches from the top of the 5 foot by 2 inch copper pipe. Copper is important. Sherry states that "aliens/fallen angels hate copper" - something about the way the electrons go clockwise. Nobody needs to tell me there are fallen angels down here with us. You can start out economically with Orgone by making a dozen cupcake sized Orgoneblasters with resin you can buy at Walmart in a one quart size. I have heard you should try to use machined metal shavings in your Orgone because of the way it changes the structure of the metal. I also placed my crystals in the sunlight and moonlight for a while before construction as some say this will charge them, and I washed them thouroughly first. The total weight of the device is 36 pounds, it even works if I leave in in the house. I placed the pucks in a circle for no particular reason, I don't think it really matters, I just place everything on the patio during the day and bring it in at nite. Range is about one mile of atmosphere for every ounce of an Orgoneblaster, a Pipe Blaster is a different animal as it seems to focus the energy more out into the solar system. If this sounds too far fetched to you, remember that a simple radio wave is doing the same sort of thing - For the original quality photos of this vid, email southerncalifornianverizon****