Izumo Ep.2(3)

By: GONG Native

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Uploaded on February 02, 2010 by GONG Native

Takeru becomes conscious to find the school has been turned into ruins. Seri, Asuka and the other girls who were with him have disappeared. Meanwhile, Takeshi is wandering with Kotono around the school. Nobody else is there and the school is covered with strange ivy plants they have never seen. Takeru finally meets Takeshi, Kotono and their other friends after he narrowly escapes the attack of giant insects. But, then, suddenly, a group of men dressed in all black clothes leap out of nowhere and snatch Takeshi and Kotono. Takeru and his friends are saved by a mysterious mounted troop. A girl named Sakuya in the troop guides them on the mountain roads. Mai, a Takeru’s classmate, also fell into this weird world, joins Takeru and Sakuya. Suddenly the part is attacked by unknown soldiers.

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