The ULTIMATE Golf TRICK! Simple Physics!


Uploaded on February 04, 2007 by detourspro

No Practice! No lessons! 100% REAL! INSTANTLY Play Better! Former PGA Pro Reveals Secret! Your Local Pros won't tell you... Because even they may not know..

Hi my name is Nico, I was a PGA teaching professional for about ten years. One day, one the golf course I hit a poor tee shot, and out of frustration smacked my club against the cartpath was new ashphalt and soft so some tar stuck to the face of my driver. needless to say it wouldn't wipe off.. well i used my trusty lip balm to clean the clubface because the oil breaks down the tar.. and low and behold I hit every tee shot the rest of the day dead straight and extra long.. watch this video and see why!

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