Looking Lenders for SPA Resort in Italy Project “high-risk”

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The largest SPA Resort ever developed in worldwide. The project is majestic was born in distant 2005 by a t...
The largest SPA Resort ever developed in worldwide. The project is majestic was born in distant 2005 by a team specialized a marketing and sales for over 15 years with a proven track record, who has been working in the wellness industry for the last 10 years. It is situated in Italy the heart of Tuscany hills Metallifere Lustignano is situated in the vicinity of the soffion boracifer of Larderello extraordinary geothermical territory for the wealth of the underworld, where already in the Paleolithic, fumaroles, lagoni, soffion, source of hot water and gas fumes were known. Such magma, tied up to the late phases of the orogenesi alpine, has given place in surface, to primary and secondary volcanic activity. Suggestive phenomena attributed perhaps to underground deities who subsequently were mostly used by Etrusc and Romans for thermal treatments . .. a Castle integrally in stone, going up again to the beginning of 900 of more than 5000mq. surrounded by 40 hectares of exclusive property. We are searching for appropriate investors Internationals for this project without precedent, Loan World Wide 100% LTV to value essentially 100% financing for Real Estate, Equipment,Development and Construction project operation included the equipments of about US$ 210.000.000 financing, it's almost too good to be true there are NO fees!! The project not have to collateral warranties!! Investors prepared to finance long-term project development without requesting collateral in return, we committed to recapitalised with our media company when working, clearly separating the property from management that offers total guarantee . Please note.. we have had bad experiences with lenders who asked for DD fees and upfront fees. This is not acceptable and only legitimate Lenders and Brokers should contact us . The project is extraordinary with the people and experience I have in the sector is truly unique excellent opportunity for investor with high risk, thanks you for your response to our worldwide marketing campaign for an investment partner. I can promise a wonderful return on investment!