Sleep Music, Relaxing Music, Therapy Music - Emerald Forest- "Awaken"

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Uploaded on January 18, 2010 by johnlevine
Alphamusic of John Levine "Emerald Forest" is the latest of John Levine's albums, released in November 2005. It is designed to produce the same calm, relaxed alpha state as the rest of Johns work. Emerald Forest also reflects the crisp, still, timeless atmosphere of ancient trees in sunlight
Who may find "Emerald Forest" especially useful?

∗ Husbands and wifes, brothers and sisters, family members
∗ Concert and events organisers
∗ Teachers of Meditative Exercise: Yoga, qi gong, Pilates.
∗ Massage therapists
∗ teenagers and parents
∗ Family and group therapists
∗ Medical and psychological waiting rooms

The music is ideal for therapists, great study aid and insomnia help. It's been called the most relaxing music by many of our customers and John Levine's fans. It is recommended by experts such as Patrick Holford, world nutrition expert and author, many medical journalists and therapists who achieved incredible results with alphamusic

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