Biologik - Break My Heart // Particles (PSI1002)

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Uploaded on January 18, 2010 by VipUltima

Biologik - Break My Heart // Particles [PSI1002]
Genre: Prog-House,
Release Date: Jan 28 2010
Label: Particles

1 Biologik - Break My Heart
2 Biologik - Break My Heart (Arthur Deep Remix)
3 Biologik - Break My Heart (Exoplanet Remix)
4 Biologik - Release Me
5 Biologik - Release Me (Domestic Technology Remix)
6 Biologik - Gemini

Release Info:

Eric Liberda, aka Biologik, is one of the founding fathers of Proton Radio. So it is with mucho gusto that Jay Epoch presents "Break My Heart", one of the most beloved tracks from last year's Fall Particles, now as a full EP.

The melodies of the originals tugged at the heartstrings of Arthur Deep, Exoplanet, and Domestic Technology who have each signed on for compelling remix duty-- a potent cabal from the Particles family of artists.

Hold on to your speakers as the Particles schedule picks up speed for weekly releases this quarter. Next up: A lush deep house EP from Jaksa Pavicevic with a great remix from Abdomen Burst!

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