Swiftlet Swallow Birds Nest From Borneo Malaysia 馬來西亞燕窩

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*******www.chinesecarts**** The great Value of Birds Nests Birds nest has been regarded as highly nutriti...
*******www.chinesecarts**** The great Value of Birds Nests Birds nest has been regarded as highly nutritional as wild ginseng for thousand of years. It is a very valuable natural tonic due to its health promoting qualities. Birds nest is made from Swiftlets in the world; three species produced Edible-nest. Some of these Swiftlets are feeding on sea-products, while some feeding on flying insects or worms from the wild jungle. Birds nest is rich in protein with a slight present of calcium and iron. The protein contents in Edible-nest are more easily absorbs by human body. Research has found that birds nests help to strengthen our body resistance against diseases. It is one of the best tonics for all age groups due to its high nutritive value to human body. If taken regularly, it can help to improve blood circulation, relieve coughing, asthma and maintain good complexion. Birds nest is expensive because its supply is low and collection work is tedious. It is the nest built from the saliva of male esculent swift after feeding on insects. The salivary gland is particularly developed in the male esculent swift and it produces large amounts of sticky saliva like that of silk. The male would build a nest on steep cliffs and deep caverns near the sea which becomes edible birds nest after solidifying. The female would lay and hatch her eggs in it. Edible birds nest can be divided into 3 types Bashi Cave Nest imperial/house birds nest (i.e. White birds nest) and hairy birds nest (i.e. Black birds nest). Bashi Cave Nest is the most nutritious and the most expensive.