Won-G, Nothing's Wrong Ft. James DeBarge

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Uploaded on January 22, 2010 by Won-G

Won-G Music Video: Won-G,  Won-G, Nothing's Wrong ft. James DeBarge. For updates on Won-G go to http://won-g.com

Contrasts have defined Won-G’s life. Having spent his youth between Haiti, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles, Won-G developed a unique street and international sound. His ability to rhyme in English, French, Creole, and Spanish differentiates him from many artists in the industry. No matter where Won-G is, on the streets, in the recording studio, meeting with major CEOs or with his fans, he has the ability to relate to people from all situations in life.  For updates on Won-G go to http://won-g.com

During his 15-year music career, he has released five independent albums. Won-G is a proven player with fans in every corner of the world. His music videos have featured celebrity beauties and friends Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, and Traci Bingham. Won-G has also received much attention for his charitable positions. Won-G is extremely dynamic in the Haitian community and has a life long dream to enrich Haiti. Won-G has established the One Dome at a Time Foundation to build green housing that is resistant to natural disasters.  For updates on Won-G go to http://won-g.com

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