Erotic Ivory Netsuke - Old Man With Erotic Mask

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Uploaded on January 23, 2010 by eroticnetsuke

Museum Quality Mammoth ivory Netsuke from Master Nestsuke collection of an Old Man carrying a naughty erotic Mask. This amazing Netsuke was hand carved by Top Master Carver to Perfection & was carved out from Top Grade, 100% Genuine Mammoth ivory Tusk from the extinct prehistoric woolly Mammoth that roamed the earth before 10,000 years ago. Therefore Mammoth Ivory Netsukes are absolutely legal worldwide import & export.
Take agood look on the High quality Carving of this Japanese Man & the Erotic Mask all around - You will find it exiting. But when you actually will hold it in you hand you will feel a Magic in the air.

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