GDI Business - Add 3 Repd A Day Into Your GDI Business

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The Background to GDI Global Domains International (GDI) is a Multi Level Marketing company that deals in ...
The Background to GDI Global Domains International (GDI) is a Multi Level Marketing company that deals in internet domain extensions. Founded by Michael Reed and Alan Ezeir, the company began with a desire to offer alternative domain extensions to businesses. The duo saw an opportunity in Western Samoa where they believed the .ws extension could be launched and developed. After prolonged negotiations with Western Samoan government officials, GDI Business was ready to move forward with the .ws domain extension in addition to the provision of other services including website building software and web hosting. Within 9 months, GDI Business sold in excess of 100,000 .ws domains with customers spread over a staggering 180 different countries. Financial Opportunities with GDI GDI Business is based on the principles of Multi Level Marketing. Basically, this means that becoming a sales affiliate gives you the opportunity to make money through selling (in this case, internet domains), and also through recruiting others as sales affiliates. The compensation plan offered by GDI (i.e. – the amount of commission you can earn) is quite substantial. You can make up to 100% commission on all levels beyond your first. For example, an affiliate on your second level would be one who had been recruited by one of your own recruits. In addition to this, GDI Business also offers excellent bonuses, including $100 for every 5 people you recruit. It’s easy to see that the opportunities for making money with GDI are pretty impressive. Does it really work? It would be foolish to embark on a career with GDI Business or any other Multi Level Marketing business thinking that you were going to become a millionaire overnight; that won’t happen. However, if you have the commitment to dedicate the time and energy to building up your downline, the potential to make money is definitely there. Making it work for you If you’re considering Multi Level Marketing as a business opportunity, here are two tips to help you get started: • Love your product! If the product you’re promoting is something you really believe in, you’ll find it much easier to sell. If you’re enthusiastic about online business opportunities and can see the benefits of a dedicated domain extension for businesses, then GDI Business could be for you. • Focus on expanding your downline. Remember, the opportunities to make money in Multi Level Marketing really start to be realized when you recruit others (who in turn recruit others). Although there are many opportunities to become involved in Multi Level Marketing, GDI Business does have 2 obvious benefits. Firstly, GDI is a firmly established business having been trading for approximately 10 years. Secondly, as the only MLM company selling web domains, there is currently no competition; a major plus. To discover more GDI Business building techniques and to obtain a free report titled “The Heavy Hitter Report to Enrolling 3 Reps per Day”, visit www****workgurusecrets****