Software Testing Interview Questions Live Webinar Jan 28th 2010

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Live webinar on Software Testing Interview Questions (Live Online Event)
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Some of the questions covered will be
In which phase of SDLC, the fixing of bugs is least expensive? when the fixing of bugs is most expensive? Explain

Explain what basic elements you put in a defect report? How you make sure you are giving all info in your defect report.

What is the difference b/w Integration testing & Regression testing? Explain regression testing in detail

What is RCA? How you do Root Cause Analysis while reporting a bug or during your testing?

Explain how would you test Winzip explain the whole process your present project followed replacing winzip as your application under test

Explain atleast 10 testcases you've written & which testcases have resulted in bugs being found

Explain 10 bugs you've filed on your project & mention which are high impact bugs

What is Cyclomatic complexity & How is it calculated what is it used for

What is Tracibility matrix & was it used in your project & what purpose does it serve?

Explain what steps are taken in your team/project for test process improvement

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