David Cameron F-Off Back To Eton

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Uploaded on January 27, 2010 by visionontv

Broadcast from - The Whitechapel Anarchist Group

Communiqué one of fourteen to the political and ruling classes.

On the 02-12-2009 Gordon Brown stood in Parliament and mocked David Cameron for his Eton education, days later Tessa Jowell stressed that the coming election would not focus on Class.

Labour is scared of fighting an election on Class, their own links to a working class movement have been broken through years of Etonians and Ox-bridge scum dominating their party.

Asking the population to pick a faction to rule their lives is an act of class warfare by the political class. Banking crises, murderous police, mass unemployment, shoddy housing and vast debt- all experienced in the plain sight of your vast wealth and power keeps us from bowing to you any more.

This election will be fought on class grounds but not between a Tory Cambridge Student and a Labour Oxford Student, but between us and you.

Every Tory Shit, Labour Arse Hole and Liberal Tosser can Fuck Off back to Eton

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