Pigeon Game In Pakistan

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Uploaded on January 28, 2010 by qasid123

We Trained our pigeons not only for long flying but also for the game...Now You are thinking that what kind of game ,

let me explain how we played , we give signal to our team to fly then let team to search other team then both team will mixed and they will make one big team , then they seprate and come back to home , only strong and well trained pigeons
are able to play this game , bcause this is not match of only two teams there are several teams in air searching for other teams , we trained our pigeons to catch other pigeons , our team chasses other teams and they all get mixed then trained pigeons surround other pigeons in air then they moved towards home , only strong , intalligent , pigeon can break that surrounding circle of other team to get back to his home, One hour game filled with lot of surprises , action , hope , pleasure , enjoymant , satisfaction , and lot lot more.........
More videos will be uploaded if someone wants to know more about this .
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