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Crunchless Abs Our abdominal core is an amazing anatomical composition of 12 muscles that wrap around us like a girdle and when properly trained, holds our midsection in flat and tight. However, recent research shows that standard floor crunches train only 2 of these critically important core muscles.

Developed by noted fitness expert Linda LaRue, her unique exercise method focuses on each core muscle like a laser, targeting your upper abs, those hard to reach deep lower abs, your left and right side obliques, and wrapping all the way around to your lower back.

Crunchless Abs 1: Start sculpting those beautiful abs you've always wanted. And best of all, you won't do any crunches! Let Crunchless Abs show you how to work out all of your abs for a long, lean body.

Crunchless Abs 2: Grab your towel - that's right, all you need to sculpt those gorgeous abs in this workout is a towel! This 10 minute ab workout will leave you feeling firm and tight. It's just that easy!

Crunchless Abs 3: Continue sculpting those beautiful abs with Crunchless Abs 3. Not only does this give you flat, tight abs, but takes your ab workout to a whole new level!

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