The Best Safe and Easy Rapid Fire Mod For Xbox 360 Controllers. Get a Rapid Fire Mod! No Soldering Needed!

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******* The NEW Xbox 360 controller mod kit INTENSAFIRE modifies your regular XBOX 360 contro...
******* The NEW Xbox 360 controller mod kit INTENSAFIRE modifies your regular XBOX 360 controller (CG, Matrix and wireless), allowing them to control 5-mode rapidfire settings, and use custom user programmable modes. It uses the existing Sync button to toggle between the modes. It also enables dual rapid-fire-mode which is usable in all XBOX 360 games, including gamer favorites: Left 4 Dead, the Call of Duty Modern warfare 2, the Halo series, the Gears of War series, The New Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Street Fighter. Other 5-mode rapid fire mod kits exist. Dual rapid-fire mod kits exist. The INTENSAFIRE mod kit has both combined into one. There are many controller mods on the market, that are prefabricated, and that do what the INTENSAFIRE offers, however each controller are selling for well over $100. We offer a mod kit that is extremely simple to install, taking no more than 3 minutes of your time with minimal tools for less than 1/4th the cost of a prefabricated xbox 360 modded controller. Other controller mod kits require drilling, wiring, gluing, hot soldering gun, and near destruction of your controllers. The Easy To Install INTENSAFIRE Mod only needs a few existing points to (solder/glue), to connect the INTENSAFIRE flex board to the controller and you're ready to go! We also INCLUDE the soldering glue which takes little time to dry and cure for a solid contact to the board. HERE IS WHAT YOU GET! Dual rapid-fire. 5-mode Rapidfire settings. Easy 3-minute installation process! No soldering or wires required! Can be used in all XBOX 360 games. Mode button for advanced modification. Easy installation with video instructions. Customizable user-programmable modes. Works in all wireless Xbox 360 controllers. Does not require a more powerful battery. Includes LEDs Includes screwdriver and conductive glue for quick installation, no additional tools required! Get your Modded Controller Today! NEVER MISS AGAIN & KILLEM ALL!