Mafia Wars Trillionaire! Level 560 & 844 Godfather Points!


Uploaded on February 01, 2010 by FishvilleMaster...

Hey. I hope you enjoy my stats on Mafia Wars! I used some LEGAL and UNKNOWN cheats to get this far. No hacks or anything bad, just simple knowledge. I've been playing this game for a long time and I never knew how to become the top don, the boss, the big cheese. I then found this site a while back and read it... I re-read it again and then I went for it! I'm now a trillionaire on Mafia Wars, with a mafia of 500, 844 godfather points and I'm level 560! My properties turn over billions daily! :) Just thought I would show you guys the good way to cheat on mafia wars... notice all those reward points!

For information on becoming the top boss like me, go to the URL at the top of the description.

Happy gaming!

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