Global Domains International (is GDI a Scam?) Tutorial


Uploaded on February 01, 2010 by webpaycheck Thousands of people in over 180 countries are making substantial incomes from home with GDI, some are even making 6 and 7 figure incomes working online from home.I am convinced none compare to GDI. Inc Magazine and the stock market seem to agree with me. There is always risk involved with starting a home based business, no other company on the planet that has minimized this risk as much as Global Domains International has. In addition to having minimal risk, GDI has a maximum potential to make money. I personally know a guy that was earning 5 figures a month (over $10,000) within 6 month of signing up with GDI (thankfully we are on the same team). He was a regular Trucker like I was before I became an affiliate with GDI.
Your job as a GDI affiliate is to get people to sign up to receive a free trial to GDI.After the 7 day trial, if the referral decides to stay with GDI, the fee for the service is only $10 a month. You may wonder how anyone can possibly make a decent income when the product they sell is only $10 dollars a month. Well for starters, GDI pays 50% commissions. For every person you sign up you will receive 1 dollar U.S. You also receive a dollar for every person that person signs up, and a dollar for their sign up, and so on five levels deep. So if you sign up 6 people ($6), that sign up 6 people ($6+$36=$42), that sign up 6 people ($42+$216=$258), that sign up 6 people ($258+ 1,296=1,554) that sign up 6 (1,554+7,776=9,330). Yes that is a monthly income.

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