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Uploaded on February 05, 2010 by dan lesheman

If you are a publisher or the owner of a website there are many ways in which you can earn an income from advertising. GMore is one of the ways I did it and it is completely FREE of charge and very easy. By downloading your own version of GMore and offering it as a download on your website you can now advertise your site and make money. Every time a user uses your version of GMore and clicks on sponsored links Google pays you directly!

The best part about the way GMore makes me money is that I don’t have to draw attention away from my website or clutter it with banners. Now all that is left to do is offer your version of GMore to all of your friends either through email, Facebook, Myspace or any other networking sites you may use. The more users you have the more money you will make.

Try it here:


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