Mobile Tips: Use the Google Mobile Application for Location-specific Searches

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*******www.bestbuymobile**** The Best Buy Mobile team demonstrates how to use Google Mobile App on a mobi...
*******www.bestbuymobile**** The Best Buy Mobile team demonstrates how to use Google Mobile App on a mobile device by searching for “sushi,” while located in San Francisco. Google Mobile App delivers local restaurant results and provides maps and directions to accompany the search results. Hi I’m Mark, from Minneapolis, Minnesota and I’m going to show you an app today called Google Mobile App. Google Mobile App, is available from BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Droid. iPhone and also Nokia phones. When you get Google Mobile App on your phone, it’s as easy to use as clicking on the G, the little blue icon. You simply open that up and you get a screen that looks very familiar to what you get on the Internet screen in front of your PC or MAC. The neat thing is that it actually gives you location specific search. Your mobile phone is pretty much where you are at all times. I’m here in San Francisco. So, let’s look for sushi. I type in sushi and Google is actually smart enough to go in and find restaurants near my location. I can scroll down to Maps and it actually pulls up maps of all the surrounding sushi restaurants. I can simply find the one I want, it gives me directions or I can call, make a reservation. It’s as simple as that.