Creating Electricity - Magnetic Electricity Generator

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'''*******Magnet4Power**** -''' Creating Electricity - Magnetic Electricity Generator - The development of...
'''*******Magnet4Power**** -''' Creating Electricity - Magnetic Electricity Generator - The development of the magnetic electricity generator has always come under harsh criticism from top level corporate companies as the device is being perceived as a threat to industrial monopolization of power, transferring control of energy independence directly at the hands of the consumer. Many have also criticized the design claiming perpetual motion is impossible while in reality the term perpetual has only been used to establish a huge running time of the generator spanning upto hundreds of years. Such a device can not only revolutionize household electricity consumptions but also prove itself to be the most effective solution to tackle the current energy problems facing the world. The principles of machine design and operation is extremely simple which makes use of the simultaneous attraction and repulsion of magnetic forces to induce a separate magnetic forcefield inside the generator which can be converted to establish a large unlimited electric supply ranging up to 7000W. This is also coupled with the fact that a magnetic electricity generator can be assembled with simple tools found in local hardware stores and anyone can conveniently set up such a device in no time in the privacy of their own home. There is almost no maintenance required excepting minor adjustments to the coil from time to time and the energy supply obtained is environment friendly without any polluting byproducts during its generation. The principal magnets inside the magnetic electricity generator are used to create a force field inside the device that is then converted by the third magnet for energy generation. This continual self powered mechanism allows the machine to have an error free run time ranging up to hundreds of years. A standard magnetic electricity generator can also have equal use in both the home consumer and industrial circuit, allowing it to change the entire outlook of a source of alternative electricity generation and development in the worldwide prospect of the coming future. The device acts as a permanent, green and completely independent energy source helping you prevent those power surges and blackouts by completely isolating yourself from commercial electric supply. The device also eliminates all your electric bills so it can be used in a more productive cause. It is extremely inexpensive as compared to solar panels and a magnetic electricity generator could take care of all your electricity and energy worries forever. It is going to be the source of power for the future, go for it today! Now Pay Close Attention Here- Are you seriously looking for a proven way to save money on your electricity bills? You will be surprised to know that how easy it is to save money on electricity bills at Home by opting a renewable source of energy like Magnetic Energy, that will not only save your money but you will help in cleaning the environment. How i built a Magnetic Power Generator in a few hours at home? Click Here