The Kreutzer Sonata


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Following on from the highly successful IVANS XTC, a landmark in digital cinema, acclaimed director Bernard Rose (CANDYMAN) continues the re-imagining of Leo Tolstoy’s controversial 19th Century literature, in the second part of a planned trilogy.

Once again featuring a stand-out performance by Danny Huston, THE KREUTZER SONATA probes further into the darker side of modern Hollywood society, exploring the rich complexities of love, obsession, and paranoia in a raw, emotional and sexually charged thriller based around the theme of Beethoven’s classic sonata.

Edgar (Danny Huston “X Men: Wolverine”, “How to Win Friends & Alienate People”), a wealthy philanthropist meets Abigail (Elisabeth Röhm “Law & Order”, “Heroes”), a beautiful and talented pianist. Their relationship quickly boils into a deep and passionate affair that knows no boundaries. When Abby starts work on Beethoven's violin-piano duet, THE KREUTZER SONATA, with a handsome young violinist named Aiden (Matthew Yang King “Numb3rs”, “CSI”), Edgar’s feelings soon transform into jealousy; over a part of her life he cannot share nor compete with. Before long chaos ensues…

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    L'Infiltrato 01:32


    by FilmTrailer (5/1/13) 119 views

    Ispirato a fatti realmente accaduti è la storia di un uomo d'affari distrutto dall'arresto del figlio adolescente, incastrato per possesso di droga e condannato a 10 anni di carcere. Il ragazzo è innocente ma per provarlo il padre ha un'unica possibilità: mettersi in gioco. Sotto copertura della DEA, l'uomo si infiltra in una grossa organizzazione internazionale dedita al traffico di stupefacenti per cercare di incastrare il boss e riuscire a scagionare suo figlio.

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    L'attentat 01:34


    by FilmTrailer (5/1/13) 734 views

    Dans un restaurant de Tel-Aviv, une femme fait exploser une bombe qu’elle dissimule sous sa robe de grossesse. Toute la journée, le docteur Amine, israélien d’origine arabe, opère les nombreuses victimes de l’attentat. Au milieu de la nuit, on le rappelle d’urgence à l’hôpital pour lui annoncer que la kamikaze est sa propre femme. Refusant de croire à cette accusation, Amine part en Palestine pour tenter de comprendre.

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