Get Paid to Jot Down License Plate Numbers

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Make Money Just To Write Down License Plates in the Parking of your local Walmart, Target stores or anywher...
Make Money Just To Write Down License Plates in the Parking of your local Walmart, Target stores or anywhere you frequently go that has a parking lot. What is so important about a car tag? This data is valuable in many ways. It can be used to help with Amber Alerts and to find Missing Children. Statistically, most children are abducted by a parent and with the data and resources we will create, we should be able to help with some of these cases. It can be used by Law Enforcement Agencies. Stolen cars can be located and returned to their owners. Police detectives can also use this to help locate known criminals and take them off our streets. Banks, Car Dealers, Car Rental Agencies all have to deal with getting back vehicles that are not being paid for. Unfortunately, there are millions of these cars and many millions of dollars are spent doing this. These organizations will pay us if our database helps them. This is already happening and proven. We can also help to find Missing Persons. Often there are rewards offered to help find a missing person and we can be part of the solution. As an independent affiliate with D.N.A. you are helping to build databases. With most Network Marketing Companies, reps are selling a product for the company, with D.N.A., we are Building the Product for the company and ourselves. YOU Earn? $25 PERSONAL CERTIFICATION BONUS by TAGGING 20 CARS within your 1st 30 days with DNA. YOU Earn $2 TAGGING 20 CARS monthly thereafter. YOU Earn $25 on each person You Personally TAG who TAGS 20 CARS in their 1st 30 days with DNA. YOU Earn $2 on every person within 5 levels who TAGS 20 CARS in their 1st 30 days. YOU Earn a 100% Matching Bonus on all of the Group Bonus earnings of everyone you have Personally TAGGED. YOU Earn 50% of any gross sales made to any clients who you have personally TAGGED. YOU Earn all or part of 50% of any reward paid by any client when a TAG you have Personally TAGGED leads to a reward. If more than one person TAGGED such TAG then the reward will be divided equally. Each month the Top Ten Taggers for each calender month will divide 1% of the company's gross monthly sales. ANTHONY WILLIAMS 313-378-5312