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Our Azores Travel Video Postcard shows you these emerald islands of the Azores adrift in the mid Atlantic.
The Azores Travel Video Postcard brings you the verdant hills of the Azores, as the Travel Video Postcard looks down on still lakes and peaceful pastures.
Our Azores Travel Video Postcard shows you the sidewalks arranged in intricate black and white cobblestoned patterns, and the Azores Travel Video Postcard leads through sleepy streets into the quiet villages of the Azores.
The heart of the Azores is Portuguese and it comes to life in our Azores Travel Video Postcard as do the fishing villages where colorful fishing boats bob gently in small harbors. The Travel Video Postcard introduces us to the people: modest, shy almost, with manners that seem old fashioned.
Life is authentic in the Azores, and the Travel Video Postcard shows us the beauty and honesty of the islands of the Azores where pastel and white stucco houses fit perfectly with the hundred hues and tints of green that cover the fields and beckon travelers to an original and memorable travel experience.
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