Lee Minwoo Dance 01 - 090212 (Son G)(Ba Ttl E)


Uploaded on July 01, 2009 by 6rystalis

This particular clip was from 090212 [Son g][Ba ttl e].
Turn on Annotations to see song name.
Boom also makes an appearance lol
Minwoo won the song battle for this episode by the way.


Don't mind me if you've seen these. As a side project from subbing, I'm going to re-upload my collection of Minwoo dance clips that disappeared with my old account. I wanted to make a montage of them, but it's so hard to group them and there are too many different file formats T_T So just uploading them individually. Please don't mind the extremely short length of some of them.

I'm going to try start from 2009 clips and work backwards or else I'll be sure to miss something =.=
I anticipate that 2004-2006 is going to be rather chaotic, since he appeared on so many shows :)

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