Facebook Having Problems "2/20/2010 News"

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FACEBOOK HAVING PROBLEMS "2/20/2010 NEWS" *******seowebvideo**** FACEBOOK HAVING PROBLEMS "2/20...
FACEBOOK HAVING PROBLEMS "2/20/2010 NEWS" *******seowebvideo**** FACEBOOK HAVING PROBLEMS "2/20/2010 NEWS" Reports are flowing in that the popular social networking site Facebook is facing a number of problems today. Though the site has not provided any official declaration on the matter as yet. people having accounts on the site are continually blogging on twitter and other sites that detailing the problems they are facing. Mashable has made a list of the most common problems being encountered- No CSS on certain pages Failure to Upload Photos Lots and Lots of Random Errors Status Update Errors on the iPhone and BlackBerry apps Very slow performance Crashing Firefox 3.5.8 In the wake of this, people all over the world are gripped by the panic if facebook has been hacked and their data compromised. Just a day earlier, we had reported that the virus Kneber Botnet is out hacking login credentials of e-mail accounts, social networking accounts and banking accounts. We also informed, following the report of NetWitness, that facebook includes the top sites from which login credentials have been knocked off. So it remains to be seen if the current problems are related to hacking or they are caused by some other technical complications. *******funfactsandinfo.blogspot****