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Its not terrorism or fear of flying or terrorist threats to airline safety that is a big problem in the air. It is lost luggage. Our Video Travel Alert, part of our Travel Video Postcard series, tells us that the rate of lost or mishandled baggage rose 23% from last year, and with terrorist-related security tie-ups and staff shortages, lost luggage issues are getting worse.
Airlines are cutting back on flights. Threats of terrorist attacks in the air or threats to aircraft are creating security nightmares and losing luggage is a byproduct of all of this
There are fewer personnel to deal with even more baggage, experts are saying, and airport managers across the country have hired more laborers to help the screeners. But the new hires will concentrate on non-security work such as loading bags on bomb-detection machines.
Our Video Travel Alert points out that one culprit in the lost luggage lunacy are the increasing number flight delays and experts say minimizing flight delays may be the single best cure for lost luggage or luggage delays.
Private luggage companies now pick up, shrink wrap and deliver luggage to a travelers destination.
As we say in this Video Travel Alert the extra price, a few bucks per pound, may be a lot cheaper than buying new clothes when your bags disappear. And they will...

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