Kuroi Ryu Ninjutsu "art of the Ninja" School History of Sensei Arie Van Den Akker

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The Ninja in feudal Japan The period of the 16th Century was known as the "Golden Age of Ninjutsu 忍術.&#...
The Ninja in feudal Japan The period of the 16th Century was known as the "Golden Age of Ninjutsu 忍術." During this time there was so much warfare between the various feudal Daimyo and such proliferation of the Samurai tradition that new arts and clans sprang up virtually overnight. Ronin, or masterless Samurai roamed the continent feely exercising their right to "kill and walk away" from any peasant who should be misfortunate enough to incur their displeasure. In an effort to end this mindless slaughter, unite the warlords into a nation, and make himself emperor, Ieyasu Tokugawa, a Samurai retainer of the Toyotomi clan, gathered his forces, engaged in secret treaties and negotiations, plots, counter-plots, and assassination to promote his own cause. Different Ninjitsu Schools: The following 忍術 Ninjutsu schools are known: Bujinkan (Masaaki Hatsumi) Genbukan (Shoto Tanemura , Jinenkan (Fumio Manaka). Hikokuryukan (Jurgen Oris) , Black Dragon Ninjitsu or the Kuroi ryu Ninjitsu 黒竜忍術 in Japanese (Ashida Kim) , Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu (Harunaka Hoshino), Hosho Ryu Ninjutsu (Yome Shinzato Soke), Koga Ryu Ninjutsu (Suichiro Yunoki) and Iga Ryu Ninjutsu (Kawakami Jinichi). Dux Ryu Ninjitsu (Frank Dux). 先生 Sensei Arie van den Akker (Black Dragon / Kurokumo Academy Holland) : 先生 Sensei Arie van den Akker has started the the BLACK DRAGON SOCIETY HOLLAND on the 10th of September 2003 in th north of the Netherlands (Groningen) later the Black Dragon Fighting Society Holland and its 黒竜忍術 Kuroi ryu Ninjitsu school has evolved into the Kurokumo Bushido Academy Holland This movie gives a historical impression of the Shinobi no Jitsu 忍者 Black Dragon school of sensei 先生 Arie van den Akker. ZVCNOORD