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The Allied Networks, Toronto, London, Niagara.
Tips on Dating.
Be positive and upbeat.
Look your best.
Dress appropriately.
Be a good listener.
Demonstrate that you have a sense of humour.
Be easy going, especially if things don't go as planned.
Be polite and courteous.
Be accommodating about where to go on your date.
Return phone calls on a timely basis.
Relax and enjoy yourself.
Don't monopolize the conversation. Ask questions and listen at least as much as you talk.
Don't be late.
Don't talk about former relationships.
Don't brag about your achievements or financial success.
Don't be negative.
Don't talk on your cell phone.
Don't talk endlessly about your kids.
Don't be rude to the waiter.
Don't look at your watch.
Don't invite friends to join you on your date.

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