Speaker Pelosi Answers Your Questions Following Bipartisan Health Care Meeting

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Uploaded on February 26, 2010 by cthai

Following today's bipartisan health insurance reform meeting at the Blair House, Speaker Pelosi answers the top five questions and ideas submitted on CitizenTube at

The questions:
1. What is the explicit reasoning behind mandating the purchase of healthcare services?
- Chris, University of Florida

2. Do you believe that healthcare is a right, or that health insurance is a right?
- Brian, Student

3. Thompson Reuters had performed a study in which they concluded that 40% of healthcare waste was from unnecessary care. Unnecessary care is primarily a result of a fear of being sued, aka malpractice. What is being done to address malpractice?
- JatPat, Chicago, IL

4. Why not quit artificially limiting the market? Stop tying health insurance to employers and increase the market dramatically. Allow insurance providers to sell across state lines and increase it even more. The larger the market the lower the price.
- crodgers1981, Lincoln, NE

5. All people voting on these bills should be required to personally read the entire bill before being allowed to vote on it. It is ridiculous that these bills are thousands of pages long. Bills should be written in clear language.
- Blinn, Illinois

If you missed the meeting, you can watch archived video on the White House website at: learn more about health insurance reform legislation that's being discussed, visit

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