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Uploaded on February 28, 2010 by merlin sharona

Improve your search potential on Google by browsing the internet with GMarker. It's a fast and efficient add-on that returns the top related search results based on feedback from previous users. Like with any internet browser searches can become lengthy and often return unrelated results and if your not a professional researcher this can get frustrating fast. That’s why GMarker is a great way to get around this problem. When you conduct a search with GMarker not only is it returning the best search results but it is also highlighting the top results directly on the browser page without altering Google’s results or format. This means that you are no longer spending time going through several pages full of useless links or using more than one search engine to get the job done.

GMarker is not only an extremely useful add-on, but a versatile one as well which was created for both Google and Firefox. This eliminates the need for further hassle to download a separate or different browser if you already have Firefox installed. It is also completely free of charge and is immediately available for download. The other plus to having GMarker is that in no way will it slow down your search performance or change the search results you are receiving after the search is completed. Even better, there are no such things as only sponsored links, annoying pop-ups or spam, only accurate and useful results are given to you.

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