Lightning - Inspirational Poem


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Lightning - Inspirational Poem

In a windswept field the clouds build
The sky grows dark, the air smells of coming rain
As a nervous world stews in fearful anticipation
Fearful anticipation for the promised Wonders,
Of the new promised Wonders from the Ancient Ones hand
Yes, the mighty foretold Wonders
Soon to be seen across the land
Could this be THE prophesied cleansing rain?
Will He finally wash away all our tears and pain?
Lightning cracks the sky open,,,
For a brief instance the glorious white light of His kingdom is revealed,,,
The tear in the sky threatens to rip the sky asunder
The world roars applause with a loud sustained thunder
An applause for the glorious light we have glimpsed
From the world of light promised past death’s weakened fence
Yes, of the glory promised to our every fiber and sense
Another longer bolt of lightning teases us yet again
And again the world with thunder shouts an encouraging reply
Yes, Encouraging the glory of paradise to swallow this world whole
Yet, it is followed by a long low grumble for being teased yet again
For being teased yet again with the coming of a glorious paradise
A long low grumble yearning jealously for the promise that is so soon near
But alas, the sky closes behind the lightning bolt’s rip
All the world is still as it was
The clouds open up, The rain pours down
But it is not really raining, the clouds are really crying
Crying for the world must face yet another day
Face yet another day of being one step short of paradise.

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