2012 CONTACT - The Guide Survival By: Christopher Jones

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I will finish the story of what happened to Chris and Ted in a moment, because theres something you have to understand

Of course, you recognize that something is coming. Something huge. Thats why youre searching for the truth, right?

You want to protect yourself, your loved ones, and ensure your survival.

Which means that youve probably already stumbled onto the BIGGEST problem

There are no trustworthy public sources out there!

Millions of people are turning to the media to tell them what to think, and how to feel about 2012

The same media that has lied to people countless times when the truth mattered most.

The same media which has even turned what little sources of truth we have, such as the Discovery Channel into a complete joke showing drama movies and even TV show specials about 2012, and what will happen according to them.

Even Hollywood is in on the action

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