Sex: Sex, Travel And Aphrodisiacs - Video Travel Alert [18+]

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Our Travel Video Alert, part of our successful Travel Video Postcard series, says that sex and travel, travel and sex go together naturally. Vacation ads often feature beautiful, leggy women with hunky guys lying suggestively on a beach or playing provocatively in a pool or gazing into each others eyes on hotel bed. Our Travel Video Alert says some experts believe that travel enhances sex and that travel is an aphrodisiac, increasing the excitement of sex, and that people travel for sex, to get sex or to spice up their sex lives with their partners.., or to find a partner to have sex with.Travel Video Alert is not talking about sex for sale or the horrible sex trade found in places like Moldavi, Thailand or even Holland where prostitution is open and legal.Travel Video Alert is just saying that sex on the road is often more exciting than sex at home! People traveling have sex in mirrored hotel rooms, on the beach, in airplanes, fields and even on park benches. There s something about being away from home that jump starts the libido, and Travel Video Alert says practice safe sex on the road, dont break the law and keep yourself and others out of harms way.But travel can sparkle your sex life. Let our Travel Video Postcard show you.

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