Method of Meditation Part 5 - Online Shaktipat Initiation by Guru Siyag Mantra

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METHOD OF MEDITATION PART 5 - ONLINE SHAKTIPAT INITIATION BY GURU SIYAG MANTRA SPIRITUAL MEDITATION INDUCED BY AWAKENED KUNDALINI BY THE TRANSMISSION OF POWER(SHAKTIPAT) BY GURU SIYAG USING A MERE INANIMATE PHOTO IMAGE AND VOICE OF GURU SIYAG PROVIDED IN THE SERIES OF THESE VIDEO CLIPS, YES TELEPATHICALLY, SITTING ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD, NO BARRIERS OF COUNTRY, LANGUAGE, GENDER, CAST, AGE, RELIGION OR RACE. ANY CURIOUS POSITIVE MINDED PERSON GET ON THE SPOT RESULT FROM THIS GURU SIYAG SIDDHA YOGA METHOD OF MEDITATION TO GET RID OF ALL TYPES OF PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL DISEASES AS WELL AS GET RID OF ALL TYPES OF DRUG AND OTHER ADDICTIONS, AND COMING OUT OF THE MISERIES AND SORROWS OF LIFE, BY THE REGULAR PRACTICE OF GURU SIYAG SIDDHA YOGA METHOD OF MEDITATION. Hello friends, For the so called Scientific and Spiritual community of the World, this video clip can prove to be the last and final Milestone of their scientific research and spiritual journey in their life. The reason is simple, any interested Human Being of the World with a positive attitude can "practically" verify the presence of the "Spiritual Power" hiddden in each and every particle, atom, molecule, tissue, cells of any substance, material, living creatures or Humans, yes, we have given it hundreds of different names like Supreme Power, Lord, God, Allah, Jesus, Rama, krishna, Buddha and many more. Just watch this video clip and listen to the voice of Guru Siyag explaining the method and finally pronouncing the miraculous sacred word. Once your eyes capture the "Image" of Guru Siyag, and the miraculous empowered Voice of Guru Siyag spelling out the Sacred word falls in your "Ears", the job is finished, yes, you are now initiated by Guru Siyag by the so called "Shaktipat" initiation by "Word" or mantra diksha awakening the "Kundalini" power or "Kundalini shakti" or the "Mother of Universe" or the "Serpent Power" which resides in the Sacrum of the Spinal cord in every Human body. The most fantastic thing is that this process is completely Under the full control of Guru Siyag, telepathically. GURU SIYAG, THE FOUNDER AND PATRON OF AVSK (SPIRITUAL SCIENCE COMMUNE CENTRE) INDIA, imparts SHAKTIPAT INITIATION BY MANTRA DIKSHA OF KLING KRISHNA KLING, there by AWAKENS KUNDALINI SHAKTI, MOTHAER OF UNIVERSE OR THE SERPENT POWER, LEADING TO SELF REALIZATION, VISUALIZATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, GETTING RID ALL SORT OF DRUG AND OTHER ADDICTIONS, CURING ALL TYPES OF DISEASES LIKE CANCER AIDS/HIV, FINALLY LEADING TO DIVINE TRANSFORMATION OF THIS HUMAN BODY OR WE MAY CALL IT "THE SUPERMANHOOD". IT TAKES ONLY 15 MINUTES TO EXPERIMENT IT BY FOLLOWING A SIMPLE PRACTICAL "DO IT YOURSELF" METHOD OF MEDITATION AVAILABLE IN THESE VIDEOS. [email protected]