Smart Scaffolding System


Uploaded on May 21, 2007 by bobby_1959

The Lobo System is a versatile work platform product that combines the flexibility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of tower systems. This combination provides the ultimate access system that is utilized across Manufacturing and Process industries. The system comprises of trestle legs that vary in size, with adjustable top and fixed side bracing clamps. Steel or aluminium tubes are then passed through the clamps; the clamps are hand tightened to form a trestle. This trestle forms the basis of the system to which sway braces, wheels, handrails, out riggers, extensions and even a lifting beam can be added to enhance the construction.
The unique and patented hand adjustable clamp, when combined with the tube, allows the technician or engineer to create a work platform.
The width is limited only by the length of tube used. The height is determined by the size of trestle leg, to which extensions can be added. Finally the platform length is determined by the size of Loboard used to which other Loboards can be coupled.

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