Goldie Hawn NUDE in 1970 [18+]

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Uploaded on March 06, 2010 by YTrefugee

In late '69, the British and American film censors finally decided to relax the rules on nudity - and for the next 18 months, EVERY producer of a film made for grown-ups HAD to have a nude scene in their movie.

So when it came time to film the hit West End play "There's A Girl In My Soup" with an international cast, they tried to persuade Ms Hawn to get her kit off.

But Goldie had always been shy of total nudity and refused (pretty balsy in those days, for an actress appearing in only her second major film). So a compromise was reached - and here it is.

Of course, back in '70, VCRs with slo-mo were still years away - thus Goldie figured the most anyone would see was a quick FLASH.

But thanks to technology, you can now enjoy much MORE of the greatest natural beauty 20th century cinema ever produced.

If you care - the music I cut this to is "At Last, At Last", composed by Charles Trenet and arranged here by Ray Martin. Enjoy.

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