Easy Rapid Fire Mod For Xbox 360 Controllers - Best Xbox 360 Controller Mod!

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The Best way of modding your Xbox 360 wireless Controller - Easy & Safe xbox 360 mod for rapid fire. ***...
The Best way of modding your Xbox 360 wireless Controller - Easy & Safe xbox 360 mod for rapid fire. *******xbox360mods.ca/buyrapidfiremod.html HERE IS WHAT YOU GET IN THE INTENSAFIRE MOD KIT No Hot soldering involved! Rapid Fire Mod Flex Board Included! No Drilling needed! You Get a Fully Programmable Rapid Fire Controller! Screwdriver included with Fast Dry Flex Board Paste! Installation Guide & Simple To Follow Instructions! The best part is it takes 3 min to install! BLOW OUT PRICE OF: ONLY 27.99 & TAX FREE! YOU KNOW THIS IS A GOOD DEAL WHEN PRE MODDED CONTROLLERS SELL FOR $60 OR MORE! Get the best Xbox 360 rapid fire controller mod! You will not be disappointed if you do! Like they say " Great things come in small Packages!" This simple Xbox 360 wireless controller mod packs the biggest punch and swings the biggest stick! The Intensafire Xbox 360 Controller Mod Works for such Games as: Battlefield Bad Company 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Aliens vs Predator, Army of 2 The 40th Day and many more Great First Person Shooter Games. AWARD WINNING EASY RAPID FIRE MOD FOR XBOX 360 CONTROLLERS 2009! ***** GET YOUR XBOX 360 CONTROLLER MOD HERE ***** THERE IS NO NEED TO CONVINCE YOU THAT THIS IS A GREAT XBOX 360 PRODUCT! THIS HAS BEEN FULLY TESTED AND HIGHLY APPROVED BY THE BEST PRO XBOX 360 GAMERS! DON'T MISS OUT AT THIS LIMITED PRICE OFFER! NEED SOME PROOF FIRST BEFORE YOU BUY! NO PROBLEM TAKE A LOOK! SEE OUR LIVE INSTALLATION AND LIVE TESTING OF THE RAPID FIRE MOD IN ACTION! JUST VISIT OUR SITE TODAY! NEW! Just Tested on Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Works Flawless! HOTTEST XBOX 360 RAPID FIRE CONTROLLER MOD ON YOUTUBE AND MOST TRUSTED XBOX 360 WIRELESS CONTROLLER MOD KIT SEEN ON METACAFE! WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY YOU CAN PAY BY! International payment methods: - Visa credit card with SSL - Paypal - Eurocard/Mastercard credit card with SSL - American Express credit card with SSL - Visa credit card with SET - Eurocard/Mastercard credit card with SET - Diners credit card with SSL - JCB credit card with SSL - Money Order/International Money Order - Western Union - Bank Transfer Other US & Canada payment methods: - Cash On Delivery (COD) AS A FELLOW XBOX 360 GAMER, I WILL SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD! GET THE GREATEST XBOX 360 RAPID FIRE CONTROLLER MOD TODAY!